Thierry Furger – Transience and Aesthetics

Artist Research

Corio Clouds, ink and acid on aluminium


Série Noire 1-7


Clouds (installation view)


Buffed Colours no.1 , spray paint and acid on aluminium


Buffed Tags 1-12, ink and acid on aluminium

Thierry Furger is an artist based in Zurich, who was active in the graffiti scene of the 80s, and has since been creating an ongoing series of paintings with the theme “Buffed Paintings”. His work focuses on the ephemeral quality of graffiti – competition with other spray artists, and the authorities removal of said graffiti and tags. The focus of the work is not the calligraphy, the tag itself, but the appearance and aesthetic of graffiti removal. These paintings are about time, impermanence and ‘appreciation’ of the urban language.

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