Suzan Frecon

Artist Research




Influenced by the works of Robert Ryman and Cy Twombly, Suzan Frecon’s abstract paintings are meticulous studies in colour and composition. Using her own hand-made encaustic and paints with varying degrees of luster, Frecon works with a discrete vocabulary of geometric and rounded shapes that achieve balance through size and texture.
Composed with meticulous attention to the physical qualities of her chosen medium, Frecon’s subtle, interacting arrangements of colour and form are at once reductive and expressive.
“Figurative versus abstraction: that’s something that I left behind so long ago. I don’t want to have to insist on that. But I want to have a painting be on a high plane of abstraction. And I love paintings that have figures in them, I go to the museum and look at them all the time. But today, in my time, I know I could never paint like Bellini, nor is that my intent. I don’t want to paint ‘story’.” – Frecon

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