Mural Collaboration with Benjamin Craven


LEEDSDOCK (67 of 141)LEEDSDOCK (33 of 141)IMG_1123IMG_1121

Photos by Jenny Briggs and Paul Ellison

Myself and Benjamin Craven were recently commissioned by Yorkshire Design Group in partnership with In Good Company to paint a mural on their ‘floating office’. The office is permanently docked just behind 46 The Calls, and functions as Leeds only floating office – which is available to rent from Yorkshire Design Group.

In Good Company focus on bringing artists and local Leeds businesses together, to spread more art around the city.

the design was a combination of both mine and Ben’s signature styles, executed by just the two of us over a few weeks in September 2019.

The barge is over 100 years old, and is almost twice the size of your regular canal boat. you can see it from Leeds Water Taxi on the route from the station to the Armouries, or via the bridge connecting The Calls and Brewery Place.

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