Waiting Room

Waiting Room Series, I – VI (2020)
Waiting Room V (detail)

Waiting Room is an ongoing series of oil paintings, each measuring 81 x 56cm, and using a repeat palette. I have recently taken a step away from thick impasto layers, in favour of a more subtle approach. the oil paint is worked into the raw canvas with a small brush so it sits ‘within’ the surface, allowing the canvas texture to show through. Blocks of colour meet – but aren’t built up in layers – so there are areas of interest in these boundary edges.

As there is usually a major digital aspect to my practise, in this series I wanted to highlight the personal feel of traditional painting, even though I haven’t opted for the usual viscous finish. There are subtle nuances in this body of work; the inconsistencies in canvas texture, paint thickness, and colours. I mixed the colour palettes for each painting individually, rather than batch mixing. This means they are all almost the same, but with slight shifts in colour – a celebration of human error.

This body of work has been very therapeutic. The use of a disproportionally small brush makes the process very meditative, and the subtle texture feels earthy and grounding. Waiting Room was started in August, when the first Covid lockdown had ended. Life was busier, I could access and enjoy more, but needed moments of calm, which this series gave me.

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