Cowboy Blues

Edition of 6

“The phrase Cowboy Blues had been sat in my Notes App for the longest time. It has a few meanings, some which are general and some which are personal to me. To me, it’s about dealing with melancholy but still having that yeehaw in you - a positive mental attitude while dealing with the morbs. 

Cowboy Blues can be a reference to blue cowboy boots, worn by gay cowboys in the past as a means of self expression (how true/common was this? Who knows, but it’s a nice thought)

Cowboy Blues was also a western film from 1946, about conspiracy and keeping up appearances. Susan, the leading lady, believes her father is rich, and owns a ranch. She visits with her new wealthy fiancé. Her father, Dusty, is actually just a ranch hand. The real owner is away, and he his friends try to maintain the conspiracy that Dusty is the man Susan thought he was - trying to impress the newly engaged couple. I originally came across this film under its alternate name, Beneath The Starry Skies.

I love to see art that is accessible for all - different price points etc. Prints are a great option for this, but I wanted to be able to give offer that texture - hence the Cowboy Blues series!”

Each painting measures 42 x 59.5cm, and is 0.8cm deep. Acrylic and sand on canvas, stretched over MDF. Signed and numbered on the back, with a drawing of a sad horse ︎